Who We Are

QUALITY in everything we do


Seren Healthcare Solutions Limited strives to offer high quality, excellent and affordable care.


Utilising feedback

Through partnership working and listening we will utilise feedback from stakeholder engagement to continually improve, ensuring the quality of support exceeds your expectations. 


Highly skilled, competent and caring workforce

It is our goal to employ people who we make highly skilled, competent, caring, and well led and supported individuals who are responsive to the needs of our patients, their families, and the communities we serve. Recruit the right people who are caring and compassionate people.


Robust Governance

The organisation will have robust safety management systems and clinical governance procedures which aid a continuous cycle of quality improvement. There will be effective quality assurance audit systems and processes in place to assure the service users, staff, family and friends close to the service user, commissioners and other stakeholders that we as an organisation are providing high quality, evidence based care through services that are Patient focused. In addition, there will be polices, processes, instructions or guidance in place: to enable safe, effective and efficient care be delivered.

ENABLING individuals through celebrating peoples differences whilst treating them with dignity and respect

Equality and inclusion

within health and social care is vital to ensuring people’s differences are valued and that people are treated equally and supported to take part in whatever they wish to do but also that services support people in all areas to be able to look after themselves and prevent issues from becoming problems. 


Personalised Care

that enhances quality of life and upholds ones human rights at all times.


(demonstrating characteristics such as empathy, sensitivity, kindness and warmth – and when these are lacking)

The organisation will select and recruit the right staff. Staff will be encouraged to practice compassionate care at all times.  Compassionate care is revealed through the smallest acts of kindness. It needs no permission and requires no resources other than our individual willingness to be kind, understanding, respectful and considerate, to listen and to respond to suffering